ProMass Deconvolution  v.2 8

ProMass is the world's first and only completely automated ESI/LC/MS biomolecule charge deconvolution and web-based reporting software.

Color deconvolution plug-in, try-out try-out  v.1.0

The Color Deconvolution plug-in was originally developed for forensic science, to make the invisible visible with an advanced algorithm for color separation.


Color Deconvolution for TMA images  v.1.00

This is a collection of ImageJ macros (scripts) for performing color deconvolution and analysis of immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining on tissue microarray (TMA) images

AutoFocus  v.1 1

Powerful filter to Reduce Image Noise and Grain Reduces/Removes grain and noise from photos Fast preview at the one to one level of the final result within a large preview Advanced DeBlur to Perform DeConvolution that invert the blurring process Powe

ImageSurfer  v.1 24

ImageSurfer is free 3D imaging software to visualize and analyze multi-channel volumes. Main Features: - Processing: 3D filters to improve signal-to-noise ratio.

Tria Image Processing  v.2.7.01

Tria Image Processing enabling rapid blind deconvolution of just about any image. Tria contains a specialized set of image processing algorithms that enable fast and impactful deconvolutions, as well as many standard image processing tools.

BleachingCorrection  v.20. 12. 2004

The bleach correction macro for ImageJ corrects for bleaching or intensity fluctuations by normalizing the images of a stack to the same mean intensity. This method only works well if the mean intensity is not altered substantially (e.g.

CCDStack  v.1. 6. 2001

Powerful, easy-to-use astronomical image processing software with next-generation technology.

Deconvolve  v.2.1 Build 10

Deconvolve is a Windows software for remote batch restorations of 3D/2D confocal and widefield fluorescence images using Huygens2 from SVI on a local or remote computer.

DenoiseMyImage  v.3.1

Have you ever took a picture that was simply perfect but a little blurred? You can correct your images blurred by camera shake or out-of-focus. DeblurMyImage is a shareware that can deblur your photos.,

Extrema  v.4.4.5

Visualize and analyze data with this tool. EXTREMA is an interactive software with publication quality graphics and mathematical analysis abilities. EXTREMA can be GUI and/or command driven. The command language includes conditional branching,

GSim  v.0.20.1

GSim is a software for NMR spectroscopy, a free program tool for visualisation and processing of experimental and simulated nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra.

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